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Mass Times: Weekdays 8 am, Saturday 5 pm, Sunday 9 am

Confessions: Saturday 4:00 - 4:45 pm. before Mass.

Pastor: Fr. Michael Gutgsell
Call 402-253-2889

Knights of Columbus: 2020 Free Throw Contest

Great job Joe Boro on organizing & running the Contest!

Thank you to the brother knights & ladies who came to help!

First Holy Eucharist: Third week of Easter.

RE Class 2018: First Holy Eucharist

Summer: Religious Education Activities.

Grounds: Saint Joseph's prayer garden.

Annual Picnic: 2018 picnic was held indoors.

Annual Picnic: 2018 picnic was held indoors.

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St. Joseph Catholic Community is a parish family united by a common faith whose mission is: to proclaim and live the Good News of Jesus; to worship God according to the Catholic tradition; to be a welcoming, loving community; to serve the educational and social needs of the community; to reach out to all, especially the poor, the disenfranchised and the most vulnerable of the world - to bring all people to Jesus Christ.

Upcoming Events

Wed., Oct. 21, RE, 6:15 p.m.

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St. Joseph Church has two wheelchairs available for anyone who needs assistance getting into or out of the church. A chair is located in the South entryway. (The front door we do not use). Feel free to borrow this chair if you need it.


We are changing soup supper date to October 17 so as not to interfere with Husker first game on the 24th.

The Ladies Guild Soup Supper is October 17th and instead of a live auction and raffle, we will have a silent auction with multiple items to bid on in the weeks leading up to the Soup Supper. Since we are not asking for contributions for the raffle this year, we are asking for cash donations from parishioners to buy items for the auction. Some of the Ladies Guild members will then use the money to purchase a variety of items for auction.

If you would like to contribute money for an item, please leave your donation in the Ladies Guild mailbox or contact Lois Dalton, Julie Richards or Angie Iverson to pick it up at your home. Checks should be made out to the Ladies Guild.


The Ladies' Guild Silent Auction will be before and after Masses beginning October 3rd/4th. Items will be displayed in the vestibule. Bids will be written on a sheet of paper next to the item. At the end of the auction, which will be at the Soup Supper on October 17th at 7:30pm, the highest bidder wins the item. The silent auction will be three weeks long. In-person bidding will only be available before and after Masses, not during the weekdays. In-person bidding will also be available the evening of the Soup Supper.

In order to have higher-visibility of items, a second way of bidding will be used. We will place pictures and descriptions of the auction items on the church’s Facebook page, beginning on October 5th. Bid amounts are to be written as a comment under an item’s picture. Questions about an item may also be asked as a comment under an item's picture. ("Liking" the picture does not mean a bid...feel free to like pictures.) The director of the silent auction will update both the Facebook page and the sheets of paper as new bids are given. At 7:30pm on October 17th, the director will check time stamps on Facebook comments vs. paper copies to determine the winner.

You can join the parish FB page at facebook.com/stjosf. 

Watch Mass on YouTube

You can now watch St. Joseph's Church Sunday Mass on YouTube, please remember to click red "subscribe" button to find St. Joseph's video channel any time you need. Embedded video below can be resized to full screen or watched on YouTube if needed.


For the sick: Kathy Ewing, Harriet Green, Sally Leyden, Jerry Martin, Wes Erhart, Christina Gonzalez, Marjorie Bauman.

*Please let us know if a person needs to be removed from our Prayer List.

Many thanks to Larry and Kathy Kaiser and to Dave & Lin Kulm for donating the money to provide the meal at the Stephens’ Center this month. This was in lieu of preparing and serving the meal due to Covid-19.

The Knights of Columbus has decided that they would not sponsor a food booth at the Sarpy County Fair (if there is a fair) this year.  This decision was based on the current price of the food, the close quarters required of workers in the food booth and most likely a lack of volunteers to work due to the Corona virus.  They plan to be back next year. 



If you need to reach the church secretary, (Sharon VanTassell) the email address has changed. Please email us secretary68059@gmail.com

All are welcome to join the St. Joseph’s prayer chain to offer intercessory prayers for those in need. To sign up there are two options to consider. If you would prefer to be notified via phone call, please contact Dorothy Foged at 402-253-2633 to be added. If you would prefer to be notified via text message, please text Julie Richards and type your name and “add to prayer chain” or call 402-881-2407 to be added.


Springfield Blue Jeans and Boots 4-H Club is collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house. Please place your tabs in the collection bucket in the back of the church!

Thank you for supporting 4-H’ers better our community!