Monday, June 18, 2018
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From the Pastor's Desk - November 9, 2014

Dear Parishioners,
If you were not at the 9:00 A.M. Mass last Sunday at which there was a lit votive candle for each of our deceased parishioners and you are a family member of one of them, you may take the candle with the name of your deceased loved one on it. These candles are on the credenza in the entry area. Also, if you would like the name of a deceased loved one included in our Book of the Deceased that is displayed in the sanctuary during the month of November, please put his or her names on the sheets on the credenza. The sheets on the wall indicate which persons have already been placed in the book.

Since November is the month in which we especially pray for the faithful departed, I encourage all of you to offer special prayers, especially for your deceased loved ones. Of course, we should pray for them throughout the whole year and have Masses offered for the repose of their souls. A website that offers suggested ways that we can pray for and do sacrifices for the souls in Purgatory according to different times of the year is the following: Also a website that provides various prayers for the deceased that is helpful in knowing what prayers we can pray is the following: Remember that we all have the obligation to pray for our deceased relatives, so November is a good time to get started doing so, if we have not been praying for them.

Please continue to  keep me in your prayers this week as I attend the second session of the training in Chicago that Archbishop Lucas is having me do for healing and deliverance ministry.

Have a blessed and grace-filled week.
God bless you, Fr. Gutowski

This Week

Prayer Intention for the Week
For the sick: Joyce Cockerill, Kathy Ewing, Harriet Green, Ted Riha, Duane Poser, Sally Leyden, Chrissy Skinner, Jerry Martin, Wes Erhart.

Wed., May 2nd, RE, 6:15 p.m.