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From the Pastor's Desk - July 20, 2014

Dear Parishioners,
        I and Sherry Huntwork, our Director of Religious Education, want to thank all who made the Totus Tuus program a success for our children and youth this past week. Our gratitude goes out to Phil and Bridget White and Carl and Ellen Weiss who housed the college students who were the teachers for the program. We thank them, too, for the meals that they provided along with Chris and Lisa Dierking who supplied an evening meal as well. We thank the various parents who helped during the day (Chris Haynes, Brenda Guenther, Jane Ferrin, and Angie and Bill Krejci) and the Knights of Columbus and Ladies Guild who helped with the Wednesday evening potluck and Friday noon cookout. If there is anyone who I am forgetting, my thanks go out to you as well. There were over 30 children who participated in the daytime session and 20 youth in the evening session. It is wonderful to see how Totus Tuus has grown over the last three years. That we were able to utilize our new Religious Education Center was also fantastic as it provided needed space for the various activities that were crunched into the social hall the last two years. It was indeed a time for our children and youth to grow in their faith while also having fun.
        A word of gratitude also goes out to Isaiah Cacka who, as his Eagle Scout project, helped me the week before last to reorganize the sacristy. He assembled several scouts to paint the sacristy and, then, to assist in sorting through sacristy items and organizing them according to the liturgical year. I really appreciate Isaiah’s management of the project that now provides for a more functional sacristy.
        On another note, if you did not receive a bulletin last week with the insert explaining the decision to do a parish capital campaign along with the archdiocesan campaign that takes place this fall are would like to have one, there are some extras in the pamphlet rack in the church entry area. These are in the holder that is marked “Campaign Explanation Flyers.”
        Have a wonderful and grace-filled week.
God bless you,
Fr. Gutowski

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Prayer Intention for the Week
For the sick: Joyce Cockerill, Kathy Ewing, Harriet Green, Ted Riha, Duane Poser, Sally Leyden, Chrissy Skinner, Jerry Martin, Wes Erhart.

Wed., May 2nd, RE, 6:15 p.m.