Monday, July 23, 2018
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From the Pastor's Desk - June 1, 2014

Dear Parishioners,
You might have noticed that various landscaping activities have been happening on our parish grounds. I thank Ralph Meister for working on taking out trees and plants that died from the winter kill and for moving around various trees and plants in their place. We will still need to get some new plantings, which will be covered by funds that we still have from the donation that we received two years ago for the outdoor landscaping. Also, our thanks need to go out to Theresa and Ralph Meister and Amy and Bob Green for the work that they have done on our prayer garden between the church and the rectory to refresh it. They have put in some new plantings and have been getting the trees and plants trimmed up. Our Knights of Columbus Council has given the parish a donation to cover the cost of the new plantings in the prayer garden, so, also, I express our gratitude for the Council's generosity. Speaking of the Knights of Columbus, as I spoke of several weeks ago in my column, this summer they will be putting into place a statue of Mary and the Christ Child with landscaping around it on the north side of the social hall to create a Gospel of Life memorial, something which Knights councils throughout the nation have already done at numerous parishes. So, we thank them for this donation and enhancement to our parish grounds.
We are still working on trying to get telephone issues resolved. When we contacted the phone company this week to get the rectory number working again instead of just going immediately to voicemail, as it was at least doing that, things went from bad to worse. As of this writing, somehow now when you dial 402-253-2889 you get a message saying that the number has been changed or disconnected! So, if you need to call me, please call the office number--402-253-2949--and when you get the menu, choose 3 and that will ring in the rectory and if I am not there will give you voicemail. If there is an emergency please call 402-312-5730.
During June my various extra archdiocesan duties will require me to be away from the parish a good deal. The first weekend of June, in my capacity as national chaplain for the Catholic Medical Association, I will be at the their mid-year meeting and, then, from June 17-21 I will be at the conference that they have for medical students. Further, from June 23-27, in my capacity as director for the continuing formation of priests, I will be coordinating the first priest retreat of the summer. Priests from Mt. Michael Abby and Fr. Chuck Swanson will be here for the Masses at the times that I am away.
I apologize to Shari Mc Williams, in congratulating her last week for receiving the Alice Buffet Outstanding Teacher Award for not saying that she is one of our parishioners. She is one of our parishioners. In the biography in the Buffet Award program it said that she is from Omaha, so I thought she was no longer living in our parish.
Finally, I congratulate Seth Starks, son of Teresa and Harry Starks, for winning the Class B high jump competition at the State Track Meet last weekend.
Have a wonderful and grace-filled week.        God bless you,   Fr. Gutowski

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