Thursday, June 21, 2018
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From the Pastor's Desk - January 26, 2014

Dear Parishioners,
Deacon Dave Christensen passes on his appreciation for all of our prayers for him during this time that he is recuperating from knee replacement surgery. It will be a number of weeks before he can be back to serve at the altar, so please continue to keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery. I thank Dave’s wife Linda for her being here on the weekends as usual to help along with the EMHCs to set things up for Mass and to take care of sacristy items afterwards.

As I remind you from time to time, regarding any parishioners who are suffering from any serious illness at home and/or in the hospital, please let me or Sharon Van Tassell know, so that I can attend to your sacramental needs during an illness.  I like to bring Communion, on Sundays or another time during the week, if possible, to those who are homebound and to visit anyone who is in the hospital, so please do not be shy about letting us know. Also, if you or a loved one would like to be included in our prayer list in the bulletin, please let me or Sharon know.
Have a blessed and grace-filled week.
God bless you, Fr. Gutowski

This Week

Prayer Intention for the Week
For the sick: Joyce Cockerill, Kathy Ewing, Harriet Green, Ted Riha, Duane Poser, Sally Leyden, Chrissy Skinner, Jerry Martin, Wes Erhart.


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