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From the Pastor's Desk - December 28, 2011


Dear Parishioners,
I wish all of you a Happy New Year and pray that 2012 will be filled with many graces and blessings. At the beginning of a new year, we remember that all time belongs to Christ who is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. Each day is a gift from Our Lord to serve Him and to respond to His call to follow Him as His disciples to the joys of eternal life when there will be no more time.  It is how we make use of our time in this world that will determine our eternal destiny: each day we must strive to love God with our whole heart, mind, and soul—with all that we are and have—and to love our neighbors as ourselves, living the Commandments of God each day and repenting of our sins when we have failed to do so. Let us, at this beginning of the new year, examine how we might more faithfully follow Christ this coming year, where we need to turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel, and how our love can grow for Our Lord and our neighbors. So, to help us to remember that we are stewards of the time the Lord gives to us each day, a good spiritual practice each morning is to offer the day to Our Lord, of which the following is an example of a morning offering that we can pray:                
O Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer you my prayers, works, joys, and sufferings of this day in union with the holy sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world. I offer them for all the intentions of your Sacred Heart: the salvation of souls, reparation for sin, the reunion of all Christians. I offer them for the intentions of our bishops and of all the apostles of prayer, and in particular for those recommended by our Holy Father this month.
As this New Year begins, I am going to have a couple new responsibilities in terms of my priestly ministry in addition to the ones that I already have for the parish and Archdiocese.  First, along with continuing as the chaplain for the local Omaha Guild of the Catholic Medical Association (CMA), I begin a two-year term as the national chaplain for the national CMA. Second, Archbishop Lucas has asked me to serve a four-year term on the National Advisory Council for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops as the priest representative for Bishops’ Region 9 (Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri).  Hence, there will be some meetings that I will have to attend during the year to carry out these responsibilities. While, of course, the weekend Sunday Masses will be covered by a visiting priest when I am gone for these, if I am unable to find a priest who can do weekday Mass (Monday through Friday) in my absence, I will have Deacon Dave Christensen do a Communion Service.  I appreciate your prayers for my successful carrying out of these duties and, for those who attend daily Mass, your patient acceptance when only a Communion Service can be offered.
Once again, as I expressed last week, I thank all who have gifted me with their greetings, gifts, and prayers for Christmas. Know that I cherish the support and love that you demonstrate to me as pastor of our parish community.
Have a wonderful and grace-filled week.
God bless,   
Fr. Gutowski

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