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From The Pastor's Desk - May 8, 2011

Dear Parishioners,

First, I want to wish all the mothers of our parish a very happy Mother’s Day. May Our Lord bless you for all the sacrifices that you make in living the vocation of motherhood. There is no work or profession that can equal the work that parents do in nurturing, educating, and raising their children for there is nothing more valuable and precious than the sustenance of the lives of our next generation. We thank the Knights of Columbus and all who honor our mothers today with the Mother’s Day Breakfast here at St. Joseph’s. I am sorry that I cannot be here for this due to my having to attend a family event in Virginia.

Also, this weekend, I want to mention what is happening in regards to the plans for the renovation of the Church. I know that many of you are wondering about this. It is a detailed process that takes much time, so I appreciate your patience. Our hope is still to be able to utilize as much of the summer as is possible for doing it. Currently, in the planning that I and the parish council have been doing with the architect and the general manager of the project, we have come up with a specific overall design that is more detailed than the general design that we presented back in January. It is at the point that we are having the architect prepare the documents to put the work out for bids in order to find out some hard numbers on the overall cost. Thus far the architect has only been able to give us estimates, so before we present to the parish what has been developed, we want to know where the costs come in at. This will allow us to make any necessary deletions to the plan so that we avoid as many surprises in cost as is possible and to hone the design down to fit the budget with which we have to work. If anyone in the parish who is involved in construction and building is interested in bidding for the work, we will let you know when we are ready to receive bids or you can contact me now to let me know thatt you are interested. When the final plan is presented, I will also announce to everyone the amounts of a couple sizable anonymous donations towards the project that will allow us to enhance the renovation in some ways that we did not consider as being possible back in January. If anyone else is interested in making a sizable donation towards the project and would like more information, please contact me.

As regards the education center classrooms, if you remember some weeks back in my column, I already said that we will focus on this once we have the church renovation planning completed, so I will keep you posted on this when we are able to address this. Again, thank you for your patience and for recognizing that the planning of renovation/ building projects takes an incredible amount of time. So, if you do not hear anything and are wondering, know that I and the parish council are working as quickly as we can in the midst of everyone’s busy schedules. Thank you, too, to all who have already contributed to a building fund, a process which we will be working on to formalize in the near future as well.

Finally, it has been communicated to me, most kindly through a couple of the parish council members, that some are concerned of the length of Masses. I will look at some changes that I can make, so, as you see these, know that I am responding to this concern. I know that our weekend Masses have usually been around an hour long (except obviously such times as Palm Sunday and Easter which always run longer everywhere), which is the typical amount of time for most parishes in order for the Mass to be reverent and not rushed. I apologize for the times that Mass has begun late, but things happen “behind the scenes” sometimes that delay it, but I will work on this, especially when it is due to something I should have better organized and is due to my fault related to my imperfections around the organization of things and time. While I certainly am open to suggestions and do not want to make Mass unreasonably long, I ask that, if you have not yet done so, to develop in your hearts the spirit that an hour a week is a beautiful sacrifice of one’s time to the Lord in order  sincerely to show Him our love and that He is indeed first in our lives. Remember that we have been created to spend eternity with God, so when Mass seems like an eternity know that the time we give Him here is prepping us for the hereafter (Though, yes, in heaven, I know, you won’t have to be listening to my homilies anymore!). I do indeed realize and appreciate that sometimes there are important things to which someone needs to get to after Mass, but I ask that we examine ourselves as to how important it is to cut time from God once a week in order to be out of Mass sooner for the sake of some other worldly concern. In saying this, do know that I have noticed and I do appreciate how all of you are so very respectful and do not leave Mass early for which all are to be commended for this being a beautiful sign of your love for our Lord. So, thanks for your feedback and for challenging me and thanks for accepting my challenges as well as we all seek to grow in the grace of the Lord.

Have a great week and be good to Mom.

God bless,
Fr. Gutowski

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