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From The Pastor's Desk - March 10, 2011

Dear Parishioners,

On this last Friday, after the morning Mass with those present, I began the novena to St. Joseph that will culminate on his feast day, March 19th. We will be praying it after the Masses up to the feast day. I will celebrate the Solemnity Mass honoring St. Joseph at 9:00 A.M. on March 19th, after which there will be adoration of the Eucharist with the praying of the novena prayers. I will also repeat the novena, praying it after Masses from the evening Mass of March
19th until March 27th. So, anyone who would like to make the novena will be able to do so. One devotional and pious practice in honor of and in recognition of the power of St. Joseph’s intercession is to attach one’s petitions to an image of St. Joseph. To this end, there are sheets of paper provided in the church entry to write your petitions upon and, then, place these in the designated basket and I will place them in envelopes to be attached to his statue in the church. This is a practice something like the lighting of a vigil candle that is a visible sign of our prayers that remains after we have offered these in the church. If you do write out a petition, I encourage you to pray the novena, whether after the Masses, by stopping by church sometime during the day (which is open from morning to evening) or by praying it at home. Since St. Joseph is our patron for our parish it is fitting that we honor him in this month dedicated to him and on his feast day. Plus, as I said in a previous column, St. Joseph’s intercession is very powerful, he being the universal patron of all causes, as we know this by the attestation of numerous saints, such as St. Theresa of Avila. Please see the novena prayers on the sheet that is inserted into this weekend’s bulletin.

On another note, work has been taking place on developing the specific designs for the various elements of the church renovation. The parish council has chosen to have two subcommittees for this purpose. A construction committee, made up of Bob Kennedy and Ted Boro, that will meet with me and the project manager Jim Mainelli and a design committee, made up of Ralph Meister, Kathy Biernbaum, and Ginny Feldhacker, that will be meeting with me, the architect, and any other design experts that we need to consult in regards to the design of the altar, other furniture, color of tiles, carpet, walls, etc. These committees will report to the parish council on the specific proposals for design, from which I and the council will decide the final design. The architect and those we have already consulted have told us that it is best to begin first with the design of the altar, tabernacle table, ambo, and baptismal font, which will be made of like materials, colors, and design elements. Once this is decided, then we can work from there to determine the final design of the other elements of the project.
Also, we are looking into the possibility of redoing the pews, hoping that we can fix the situation where the pews in the center come to a mitered point that is very uncomfortable to sit on, to say the least! As there are more details to report, I will let you know about these. Please keep all these efforts in your prayers that we truly are able to arrive at a beautifully-designed renovated church that gives glory to God and moves our hearts spiritually to have an awe and reverence for His holy presence in our church that will likewise be inspiring and a joy for us all.

Have a blessed week and may you all continue to have a grace-filled and fruitful Lent.
God bless,
Fr. Gutowski

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