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From the Pastor's Desk - February 27, 2011

Dear Parishioners,
In the Church, March is traditionally known as the Month of St. Joseph due to his feast day being celebrated on March 19th. Since he is the patron of our parish, it is important that we make devotion to St. Joseph part of our prayer life. To this end, I encourage all of you to pray a special prayer each day of March asking for St. Joseph to intercede for your own spiritual and material needs as well as those of the parish and the whole Church (he is the patron of the universal Church). Here is a prayer believed to date to the early centuries of the Church and became popular during the Middle Ages:

O Saint Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God, I place in you all my interests and desires.

O Saint Joseph, assist me by your powerful intercession and obtain for me from your Divine Son all spiritual blessings through Jesus
Christ, Our Lord; so that having engaged here below your heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving and homage to the most loving of Fathers.

O Saint Joseph, I never weary contemplating you and Jesus asleep in your arms; I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart. Press Him in my name and kiss His fine head for me, and ask Him to return the Kiss when I draw my dying breath. Amen

O Saint Joseph, hear my prayers and obtain my petitions. O Saint Joseph, pray for me. (Mention your intention)

During March, pray this prayer daily or any other one to St. Joseph that you might already have or you can search for one on the internet that you would like to pray. I have made devotion to St. Joseph part of my daily prayer life and have experienced him as a very powerful intercessor by praying the above prayer each day of the year. As the feast of St. Joseph approaches, I will lead a special novena to St. Joseph after Mass each day, beginning on March 11 and ending on March 19. On Saturday, March 19, I will celebrate Mass of the Solemnity of St. Joseph at 9:00 A.M. followed by the praying of the final day of the novena with adoration of the Holy Eucharist. As was already announced in last week’s bulletin, on the evening of March 19, we will have a dinner to celebrate the feast day, to which all are invited, asking that you indicate on the sign-up sheets in the entry of the church how many in your household are coming.

Have a blessed week. God bless,

Fr. Gutowski

This Week

Prayer Intention for the Week
For the sick: Joyce Cockerill, Kathy Ewing, Harriet Green, Ted Riha, Duane Poser, Sally Leyden, Chrissy Skinner, Jerry Martin, Wes Erhart.

Wed., May 2nd, RE, 6:15 p.m.