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From The Pastor's Desk - December 12, 2010

Dear Parishioners,

The parish council and I are getting closer to being able to present to the parish a plan to do a renovation of the sanctuary of the church along with the possibility of doing some refurbishing of other aspects of the church. We also are including in this plan the addition of classroom space for our religious education program, something which is sorely needed. Over the last several months I and the council have worked with an architect, Bill Stott, from the
firm of Architectural Offices in Omaha, and Jim Mainelli of Mainelli Construction to develop this plan. We hope that soon after the first of the New Year we can have a presentation ready for the whole parish to be informed on what this project would entail once the parish and finance councils have had a chance to approve what will be proposed as our goals for this project. I want the presentation to the parish to be done in conjunction with weekend Masses as this would be the best opportunity to inform the majority of our parishioners.

While we have about 50% of the funds on hand to do this project because of past donations made for the building of an education center and because of investments that the parish has made, we will need to determine how we will raise the remainder of the amount needed. Depending upon how quickly we are able to procure the remaining funds needed for the project, we might be able to do some of it in stages, especially in regards to items relating to the renovation of the church, though we would like to be able to do the entire project all at once, which could save us on the overall cost.

However we proceed, there are some aspects of the plan that must be done fairly immediately in order to be up-to-date in regard to current liturgical directives of the Church. One thing I would like to do is to establish a specific building fund, which has not been done yet. If anyone is interested in contributing to a building fund before the end of this calendar year for the benefit of the renovation of the church and/or an education center, please visit with me for more information. In establishing this building fund, it would be something which would be ongoing, not only providing for this upcoming project but after we finish this project would exist for contributions to be made to in anticipation of future construction needs as the parish grows and needs more space for worship and the education of our children and youth.

I ask that all of us pray for the success of this project that we will be able to meet the needs that are currently incumbent upon us as well as for future needs as they arise. Also, as I have mentioned in my column in the past, I desire that as we commit ourselves to this project that it not only be about doing the necessary physical improvements to our parish facilities but also an opportunity for us to be about the most important improvement of all: building ourselves up in Christ spiritually, to become more and more the temples of the Holy Spirit that the Lord has created us to be. For this end, I will offer occasions for special prayer and for other type of spiritual enrichment and formation. While we need sufficient physical facilities all the more so we need to be about a constant refurbishing of our interior spiritual life whereby we love God and our neighbors more and more.

Finally, I did not get the examination of conscience handout ready this week as I mentioned last week that I would have it available for this Sunday, so I will have it in the bulletin next week.

Have a wonderful and blessed week.
God bless, Fr. Gutowski

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