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From The Pastor's Desk - October 17, 2010

Dear Parishioners,

As we are in the midst of the Annual Archdiocesan Appeal, this weekend Ken Patry, president of our parish finance council, will give us an annual report on our parish finances and an update on the Appeal. Our goal, given to us by the Archdiocese, for this year is $11,084.85 that is similar to last year's goal, which our parish exceeded by donating $17,034.95. I encourage us to be generous likewise this year.

This weekend the parish stewardship forms will also be distributed on which you can indicate the choices that you are going to make in regards to your contribution of time, talent, and treasure for the coming year. In terms of my own stewardship, besides contributing something to the Annual Appeal, I donate as my tithe to the parish (as well as to the Archdiocese in my role as director of the Catholic Faith Formation Office) by choosing not to be reimbursed for my mileage, which for the year can add up to $2000 or more.

In regards to the choices that we make in regards to stewardship, our generosity is first and foremost done, not because we like the pastor, not because we like the parish, nor for some other reason that is to our liking, but for the glory and honor of God as our thank you back to Him for His blessings and graces. Sure, to operate the parish and the Archdiocese there is the need for funds to take care of the material needs of the Church, but our giving is fundamentally an act of love for God. Of course, second, it is an act of love for our neighbor, and even a caring for ourselves, because our stewardship makes possible the administration of the sacraments that we receive and the various ministries that provide for our spiritual and material needs, be these such things as the education in the faith of our children and youth or providing for the needy in our midst, to name few. I know that there are many needs that we are called upon to support: such as next Sunday being the time for the collection for World Mission Sunday. Sometimes it seems that the appeals are endless, doesn't it? Ideally, though, the Archbishop or a pastor would not have to make an appeal for funds and for help in regards to other stewardship activities but, rather, all of us would continually take the initiative, coming to the Archbishop and pastor and asking what the needs are and what each of us can do to help: be it in monetary donations or the offering of our time and gifts in service of a need. Once we truly realize what Jesus has done for us by giving His life for us on the Cross, and thus revealing God's unconditional love for us, the sacrifices that we make in our stewardship are a spontaneous return of love to Our Lord. I pray that this is the attitude that all of us can come to have in our hearts: there is never too much that I and we can do in return to the Lord for all that He has done for me and for us in giving His very life for our salvation. He shed His very Precious Blood for us. For instance, shedding some of the green for Him is not buying salvation but is a dying for us that is an act of love in return that signifies our gratitude to Him.

I thank you for all of the ways that you have chosen to exercise stewardship in regards to the parish and the Archdiocese. I thank all of you who faithfully contribute week after week, month and after month, year after year for the sustenance of our parish. On behalf of Archbishop Lucas, I thank all of you who participate in the Annual Archdiocesan Appeal. May Our Lord bless you abundantly for your generosity.

Have a wonderful week and God bless,
Fr. Gutowski

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